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Artisan Silk Soaps, Luxurious Bath Rituals,
Candles & Home Adornments

At MYTHYN, we believe in the importance of nurturing creativity and Joie de Vivre in everyday life and supply luxury lifestyle products to bring a sense of wonder and delight. We know that natural products can bring the most luxurious experiences and we seek to create these opportunities for everyday natural luxury.

Make no compromise in your self-care rituals. Curate your home and create a lifestyle that promotes Everyday Joy.

All our products are

Natural ▧ Nurturing ▧ Elegant ▧ Handmade

Based in Bedfordshire, UK

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We believe that a closeness to nature and its gifts leads to a healthier lifestyle and a happier life


All our bath & beauty products are cruelty-free, handmade in the UK using natural ingredients only


Our beautiful hand crafted home adornments are made fairly, using the finest materials