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At MYTHYN, we believe in the importance of nurturing creativity and Joie de Vivre in everyday life. Our aim is to supply luxury lifestyle products which bring a sense of wonder and delight.

We offer a collection of high-quality handmade artisan silk soaps, bath & beauty products as well as accessories and home adornments. These are little luxuries made with fine ingredients and with great care.

Shop online now, or find us at indie and curated craft markets throughout the UK (we’ll let you know in the blog), where we look forward to meeting you!

Contact us here for any enquiry, creative partnerships or to stock our collection.

ProfilePhoto2-blackwhite-150x150Many thanks,

Mathilde Gauvain
Founder of MYTHYN



Said “Myth-IN” to mean the story within yourself. We each have a story which we create throughout our lives.  M Y T H Y N is about creating a conscious and intentional lifestyle, cultivating Joie de Vivre in our daily lives.



You can purchase safely with us. We are an ethically conscious and fully compliant business.

insuredbycraftinsurance Member of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers ❈ mythyn.com

For your safety and peace of mind, all M Y T H Y N Soaps and other cosmetic products comply with UK & EU regulations in place. Under Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 (Article 13) of the European Union, this includes:

  • Cosmetics Product Safety Assessments (CPRS) – our products are independently tested and certified before they are commercialised. This assessment is carried out by a qualified cosmetics chemist.
  • We submit all our cosmetic products to the European Notification Portal for registration.