Giving Thanks: Reflections on the journey so far

Hello Curator,

Today’s post may be of a slightly more personal nature than usual. This being Thanksgiving, and although MYTHYN is a UK brand, I felt that it was a good time to think of and thank back for all the amazing support I’ve received on my way.

First and foremost, MYTHYN could not exist without my wonderful husband’s amazing help and dedication. Michael’s exerted infinite patience with my obsession for soap. He’s been there all along every roadblock and new challenge. Most importantly, he’s never wavered, not once, from wanting us to commit to this endeavour.  I think he may be an angel of some sort…

My husband’s and my parents have been incredibly supportive as well. His parents have gone above and beyond, helping with the setup of the business and with countless stock deliveries while I juggle between my day work and growing MYTHYN. I can’t thank them enough for this and their ongoing support.

I’m thankful as well to our many friends and my brothers, who have been nothing but supportive in thousands of ways, and at every turn.

To bring our products to life I work with many incredible suppliers, fellow collaborating makers, and experts at their crafts. I’m very thankful for all their help, the high-quality ingredients and support they provide along the way.

Now, without sounding too odd, I’d also like to thank my past self for persevering all this way. Pat, pat… it’s all been worth it and I’m enjoying every minute.

Finally, I am ever thankful to you, the curator, the savvy shopper who purchases local, handmade with love and care. Your support means everything.

All this to say the obvious really:

Without sheer stubbornness, determination and a healthy dose of madness this type of craft and handmade business would not exist, and without a great deal of support, it would not be real.

Many, many thanks indeed.

Happy ThanksGiving! x


Mathilde Gauvain ❈




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