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Happy New Year 2017!

Hello Curator,

Happy New Year! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas time, many wonderful gifts and the most joyous times throughout 2016! I also hope you are ready to take on the new year and make it work for you.

Above everything else, health is our greatest asset, and I wanted to share the thought that learning to take care of ourselves is in no way selfish as it enables us to better take care of others too. It’s at these times I turn to the everyday actions that tend to my health and psyche. As such, nurturing Joie de Vivre is our key focus for this new year once more.

We have so much coming up in the following months as I have been dedicating myself to developing the range to bring you more daily luxuries for your delight.

Expect the following in the next few months:


    I’ve spent a long time working on offering more soap bars, and am very much looking forward to launching these new soaps. In total we are aiming to launch 5-6 variations. More detail to come soon.


    I’ve been testing out a truly lavish, silky recipe I can’t wait to introduce into the range. Think…pink.


    Gentle exfoliation is the key to a healthy skin! We’re developing scrubs to condition the skin to better moisturise, and have some wonder ingredients to make that happen with our new recipes.


    Non-greasy moisturisation through bath oils as well as after bath care oils are an age-old way to nourish the skin naturally. We look forward to introducing our all natural take on this.


    With all the makeup and products we apply daily to our faces, showing them some TLC is essential and we feel we have just the right formula.


    MIKAN has been doing so well, and I expect to launch new permanent scents into the range, as well as seasonal ones.

Actually, I’ve been remiss in introducing our two latest additions, which have proven very popular in the run-up to Christmas, and will shortly do so as well:

MÉLUSINE Silk Bath Soak

MIKAN Natural Candle

Again, all the very best to you and I look forward to your feedback on these new creations!

Many thanks


Mathilde Gauvain ❈ MYTHYN.com




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