Hello Curator, & The Start of MYTHYN

Hello Curator,

If you enjoy finding that exact right something for your home and if you enjoy making your surrounding exactly just right, welcome. MYTHYN should be on your list for home treats, gifts and tips.

I’ll take things from the beginning here as way of an introduction.

In future updates, I will:

  • Offer home & gifting tips, including perfect finds, home decor, gifting guides, and some wrapping.
  • Share updates: markets, trade shows, partnerships, promotions, and so much more!
  • Give you an honest backstage look: growth objectives, what I’m up to, and product development.

So, whether you’re making your house a home, on your own road to turning your craft into a business or simply curious, I hope these updates will help you on your way.

Oh Soap ~

More than two years ago now I made my first batch of soap and I quickly became obsessed. I’ve developed recipe after recipe until I found the exact right mix: natural, fresh, delicate, luxurious and caring for the skin. A real treat for the senses at every use. A collection of home and bath accessories that fully compliment our soaps at its core. A solid start.

Soap’s just the beginning of MYTHYN, and since that very first batch a lot has happened to shape this business up to the launch last month.

The next few months are looking to make for a promising start. I can’t wait to let you know about the new products we’ve got coming up and adding to our current range as well as upcoming markets we will be trading at.

Thank you for your support!


Mathilde Gauvain ❈ MYTHYN.com




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